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23 04 2010

Installment 5 from my episode with the police… 

I really didn’t realize I had been driving through a school zone. I was thinking of other things, I guess. The morning I was pulled over my first thought was that it was a poorly marked school zone. I didn’t see any signs… there definitely weren’t any flashing lights. How do they expect us to follow the rules when they are so secretive about it all?!?! I didn’t say anything to the officer that morning, I figured I would just contest the issue in court or write a letter to the editor. Yeah, they picked the wrong guy to mess with… don’t they know I have a blog???

Well, on Thursday I took Caedmon to school and I was going to document exactly how the theoretical “school zone” was marked. The reality of the thorough signage hit me like the reality of gravity hits someone with a torn parachute.

I first noticed a larger than normal, flourescent green, diamond-shaped sign on the left side of the road. At the base of the sign, painted across the two lane road was a roughly 5 feet tall script in all caps stating “SCHOOL ZONE.” To make matters worse, the right side of the road had the twin brother of the sign on the left side of the road. I could see my case losing traction. About 100 feet up the road the city of Tallahassee had the audacity to place another set of twin signs on each side of the road. This time they were in the traditional yellow but had the added detail of basketball size flashing yellow lights laughing at me with each luminescent burst. I uhh… rest my case??

Have you been there? Have you ever found your self on the business end of some poor choice in your life and questioned why God hadn’t warned you? Maybe you were in a rough relationship, pregnant but not married, battling an addiction, in debt to your ears, or a junior at the university of Florida.

It is easy for us to have consequences doing their work in our life and sit in our misery angry at our friends or God for not warning us. But often times; if we take the time to reflect honestly we will see that the signs were there. Many times flourescent green ones with flashing lights warning us to be careful.

The boyfriend that got really angry watching football…
The teachers, pastors, parents, and doctors voices in your head telling you “where babies come from…”
Alcoholism in your family tree and the blackouts…
Awareness of the fact that the car payment would take over half your paycheck…
Suppressing your gag reflex the first time you looked in the mirror and saw yourself in orange and blue…

There were signs. We were just so blinded by our desires and pride that we ignored them. We have a tendency to reject life long friends, disregard obvious consequences, justify irrational behavior, etc. because we become so enamoured with our initial choice that we turn a deaf ear to wisdom and correction.

Oh, that we would reject arrogance.
Accept a level of ignorance.
Realize our immaturity.

What are we so afraid of? The worst case scenario is that we are wrong and we end up in a bad place. The best case scenario is that we trust the warning signs, make a wise choice and become less ignorant and more mature readying ourself to make a wise choice in the future. What would you rather have? Your violent boyfriend or wisdom?  Solo maternity or maturity? A few more beers or a few more years? Collection agencies or freedom? Tallahassee or Gainesville?

To quote the rockin’ poets, Tesla… “Signs, signs everywhere signs blockin’ up the scenery, breaking my mind. Do this don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”

You have the power within you to choose. Open your eyes and heart to the signs around you and choose wisely. I will do the same.




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26 04 2010

To quote the scientist Tesla, ‘this was electrifying’ and current with today’s issues.

As for Tallahassee or Gainesville, this could be a case supporting predestination. Poor guys.

26 04 2010

The scientest Tesla is featured in the movie, “The Prestige.” Pretty compelling movie especially if you like Tesla.

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