27 04 2010

On April 27th, 1968 my mom and dad began their marriage. 42 years ago they stood and told one another “for better, for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health, till death do us part… I do”

Unfortunately, more than half of the marriages that begin these days begin with one or both parties lying to each other. I say that because more than half of the marriages that begin these days end in divorce… not death. Basically, what more than half of the people really mean to say is, “for better, richer, healthy, and as long as you make me happy I will stay with you unless I “fall in love” with someone else.” It’s a terrible indictment on our culture and our character but it is not the thrust of this blog. 42 years is the thrust of this blog.

Were all 42 years hunky dory? At least one of them wasn’t and that would be when yours truly was 2! Were all their years richer? Nope. Were they always the picture of health? Sure weren’t. So why didn’t they quit? 5 words… “till death do us part.”

They made a promise to one another, a committment. When they didn’t feel happy, healthy, or wealthy they harkened back to their transcendent committment to one another and to marriage. They didn’t always feel love for one another but because of their committment to one another they chose to love one another anyway.

This is the picture God wanted painted when he used marriage as a metaphor for His love for us. And God displayed this for us time and time again.

Our relationship with God was perfect in the beginning until we destroyed it… but God remained steadfast.

We abused the Earth, one another, and God so much that God regretted creating usbut He remained steadfast.

God warned us against our desire for a king; yet we insisted and rejected God… but He remained steadfast.

We rejected God’s gift of Jesus by crucifying Him… but He remained steadfast.

God’s committment to His plan of redemption for mankind is beyond our capacity to appreciate. We (humanity) have not historically been easy to love (see here, and here, and here). If we are honest, we must admit that we as individuals are not real loveable either.

I am sure glad that God doesn’t view and practice “love” the way we have perverted it in our day. If God loved the way you and I love we would be in a bad way. Needless to say, God’s love is profoundly different from ours and the word that best describes it is committment.

42 years is impressive.
42+ generations is glorious.

My parents made a promise and committed to one another for life.
God made a promise and He is committed to you for eternity.

Each of my parents responded to the other’s pledge of love with the words “I do.”
God has made His pledge of love in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus… what do you say?

Thank you mom and dad for being married still today. Thank you for not being like the majority. Thank you for the stability you provide for your 6 kids. Thank you for the counter-cultural example you are to your 10 grand kids. Thank you for 42 strong years!

Way to go dad and mom, congratulations!!