Without further adieu… changes on the horizon

3 07 2010

It’s been awhile…

My blogging journey got off to a fast start… too fast. I was attempting to put out a new post every day and I am afraid I got a bit burnt out and might have overwhelmed an inbox or two. I also had to focus my attention on the completion of another writing project; but I will talk about that later.

After looking back on my initial blog burst I noticed that I deviated from my desired purpose. My goal with “Wax on, Log off” was to encourage you to see God everywhere. I wanted to be an encouragement. But, I showed a tendency to preach sometimes and that wasn’t my intention. I also found that I would regularly write about Caedmon or special needs in general, while also having lots to say about my Seminoles. What’s a blogger to do?

My answer? Multiple blogs. I believe that you have a certain expectation when you read a blog and if you are expecting Seminole stuff and end up with a sermon you might be caught off guard. The same is true if you are expecting to be edified in God’s word but find yourself reading about practical tips for managing a family with special needs. Granted, many issues can overlap, but I believe I could do a better job by focusing on issues more squarely.

Therefore, this blog is now titled “Go watch the ants.” The book of proverbs encourages us to do just that, and be wise. This is the place where I will offer encouragement by observing God in the world around me… including ants.

I will post as I feel led with no committment to a schedule. Maybe daily, maybe weekly, maybe 7 times in a 4 hour period… maybe not. But, you understand.

I am also going to launch a couple new blogs. I think one will be devoted to the world of special needs. My hope is that we will all benefit from that blog because we all have special needs people around us. 7 years ago I was ignorant and careless. Today I am knowledgeable and sensitive. I hope to offer that perspective in that blog. I don’t know what it will be called.

I would like to blog about my ‘Noles, or sports in general, every once in a while, so that’s on the horizon.

I also believe that I have something to offer Christians in the form of a place for challenging encouragement. This will be a place where I hope to make believers really think about what they are saying and doing in hopes of spurring them on to righteousness.

I hope that these changes are well received and that each new format becomes a greater service to the issue at hand. I have discovered a new joy in the form of writing and hope to do even more of it. Hopefully, you can find a place to come along for the ride.

 As the new blogs become active I will link them on the existing blog(s).

Thanks for reading!




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