Who am I?

In order of appearance…

A Son. A Brother. A Friend. A nnoying. A Student. An Athlete. A High School Graduate. A Seminole. A College Student. A Christian. A Fiance. A Husband. A Pastor in Minnesota. A Father. A Pastor in North Carolina. Acutely aware of Cerebral Palsy. A Father again. A Father for the third time. A Father four times over. A Pastor in Tallahassee. A Blogger.

Stuff I like…

I love my ‘Noles. I read a lot. I play golf when it’s free. I would eat every meal out if money were no option. I would have enjoyed being in the Lord of The Rings movies. I want to Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. I think the Georgia Aquarium is one of man’s greatest physical accomplishments. I believe truth exists. I believe that God loves me… and it doesn’t compute. I am a homer and I’m loyal so “Go Braves, Hawks, Falcons, and Thrashers!” I am proud to be from Augusta, GA the first week of every April. Hitting a home run feels cool, even if it is recreational softball. Much to my own surprise, I am beginning to enjoy writing. Going to the movie theatre is exciting. “Breakers” hamburgers in New Smyrna Beach, FL.


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